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Welcome to Brunt Boggart

 A series of books like no other... a tapestry of folktales, myths and storytelling.  The connecting thread follows Greychild, abandoned in the woods by his mother.


Mistaken for a wolf, he is taken to Brunt Boggart, a village of primal energies where people live close to the land - but sets off along the Pedlar Man's Track to the city of Arleccra. The harbour fills with ships of fire, stars spin and wheel - and he is back in Brunt Boggart again, out under the season's moon.  His mother is not there, but Greychild finally discovers the identity of his father.


Brunt Boggart is a beautifully written lyrical novel by a master of language. Rich in imagery and poetic in style, it captivates from the first haunting words and never lets go its hold until the last magical lines.


Let me tell you, this is a book once read, never forgotten.

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